ROYAL Vacation Rentals

Who we are

ROYAL Vacation Rentals specializes in the management and rental of holiday villas and boutique hotels and provides top-level services, with particular sensitivity and care for homeowners and guests alike.

We are NOT just a tourist agency that makes reservations remotely and impersonally collects a commission. Many do this. We respect and care for our homeowners' properties as if they were our own. We personally serve our guests. Our network of home crews and external partners reliably and quickly undertake the cleaning, maintenance and every urgent incident or damage to the residences. Our guests book vacations with peace of mind, knowing they’re going to find exactly what they’re looking for, without any surprises while enjoying privileged communication and services.

Our Background

ROYAL Vacation Rentals is a subsidiary of ROYAL Exclusive Properties & Investments, which is a Private Capital Company (P.E.C.) and has been active as a Real Estate Manager / Specialist Consultant (purchases - investments - real estate constructions) since 2010.

The "ROYAL Vacation Rentals" department was created in 2018, initially to manage and rent the homes of our customers, who either bought or built vacation homes with the help of ROYAL Exclusive Properties & Investments I.K.E. But already, since the middle of 2018, we have also added third-party residences to our portfolio.

Our Mission

We strive to create the best vacation home experience for everyone, in every property we manage.

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