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Terms and conditions related to booking a holiday home with ROYAL Vacation Rentals.

Please, note that due to the recent COVID-19 situation, we have made slight alternations to our Vacation Travel Agreement with travellers, who book a holiday with ROYAL, and which may differ to certain articles, described in the terms and conditions below. This includes the cancellation and payment policies, check in - check out times etc. Please, make sure to read your Vacation Travel Agreement, carefully, to make sure you understand all relevant terms and conditions of your reservation with ROYAL.

STEPS to book a holiday home with us:

1. view offers on our website, or a website of our partners (Airbnb, Bookinb.com, VRBO, Expedia etc);
2. booking (also referred to as reservation), of which you will receive a booking confirmation;
3. deposit/payment, after which your booking is confirmed;
4. two weeks prior to the arrival date and when the total travel amount has been paid, you receive your voucher from us. Together with the previously received booking confirmation and these general terms and conditions the travel agreement is finalized and you are ready to travel to one of our homes.


1. Website information
The information about holiday homes on our website has been compiled with the utmost care. Due to circumstances, the description or photos may differ slightly from the current situation. For example, the fabric used on a couch may have been changed, or specific decorative items aren't in the property any more. As long as these differences are not significant, we cannot be held accountable for this. Otherwise, please let us know via our contact form.

2. Mistakes
We are not bound by a clearly recognizable mistake/error, for instance, where the travel amount on our booking website is not a realistic amount.

3. Definitive booking
When making a booking, the booking will be definitive only after receipt of the deposit/payment by ROYAL.

4. Guest (contact) information.
The information requested from you is required for the booking. The manner in which we handle your private data is explained in our Privacy Policy. Should you or anyone of your travelling party have a physical or mental disability, we can only take this into account, if you notify us upfront.


1. Payment
The full travel amount should be paid by you in Euros. When you make a payment in a different currency, you must account for the price difference due to the exchange rate. The payment date is considered the date of crediting the bank account of ROYAL.

2. Payment deadline
After having made your reservation, you are required to pay a minimum of 30% of the travel amount within 48hours, as well as the full premium of the travel or damage insurance, if any, or so agreed with ROYAL. The booking is definitive only upon this payment. If you have paid a deposit, the remaining part of the travel amount must be paid no later than 35 days prior to arrival.

If you make a booking within 30 days prior to arrival, you are required to pay the full travel amount immediately.

3. Guarantee payment and additional costs
Guarantee payment is not required for any of our holiday homes. However, additional costs may be payable, such as fees for heating up the swimming pool (if this amenity is available at the holiday home you have booked), for cleaning the property before your arrival, additional cleaning or extra bed linen for longer stays, prolonged stays or change of holiday home. The manner of payment of such costs will be agreed with you, during the booking process and will be described in the travel agreement or via the respective communication.

4. Late payment
In the event that we have not received the travel amount (and additional costs) within the specified term, even after a payment reminder, we will cancel the travel agreement and charge cancellation costs and extrajudicial collection costs, if applicable.

You will understand that, after cancellation of the travel agreement, other guests will be able to book the holiday home and that we can no longer guarantee you availability of the holiday home.


1. Amendment
ROYAL may make a minor amendment to your travel agreement, but we will specifically inform you about this. In the case of a more significant amendment, we will ask you whether you accept this or whether you prefer to cancel the booking.

In the event you would like to amend the travel agreement, for instance change the date of arrival or departure or ask for another holiday home, additional costs may apply depending on the situation.

2. Cancellation by ROYAL
Obviously, we do not want to disappoint you, but it can happen that we cancel your definitive booking on the first two business days after your booking. In this case your deposit/payment will be reimbursed.

If we cannot host you in one of our homes, due to extreme circumstantial reasons (ie damage caused by previous guests or natural causes, which hasn't been repaired by the time of your arrival), we will relocate you to a similar or higher quality property in the same area, provided that you agree to our suggestion (-s). Otherwise, your deposit/payment will be reimbursed in full.

3. Cancellation by Traveler
Cancellation costs in the event of cancellation by the traveler.

The rental payment may include cancellation protection, which enables you to cancel, subject to the applicable cancellation terms and conditions. The current cancellation terms and conditions applicable to your booking can be found below and in your travel agreement. We process cancellations during business days. If a cancellation reaches us after the end of a business day, we will process the cancellation on the next business day. The next business day determines the cancellation costs.

3.1 Cancellation Terms and Conditions
Should you wish to cancel your booking once it has been confirmed, the cancellation must be made in writing (email). The following cancellation charges are due of the total travel amount:

• 48hours after booking confirmation: Cancellation is FREE of charge

• up to 14 days before arrival: 50% penalty is applied*.

• 7 days or less before arrival: No refund will be made.

• There is no refund on no-show, or after check in.

* The processing fee for a cancellation is €50 plus applicable Bank Charges to be advised at the time of cancellation, in case the 50% of the amount is less than €100.

4. Stay

4.1 Check-in. Generally, you can check-in between 16:00 and 21:00. In case this is different for your stay, it will be indicated in your travel agreement.

4.2 Check-out. Generally, you can check out between 9:30 and 10:00. The travel agreement indicates the check-out time. Late check out is possible, under certain occasions and with the approval of your host. If you have not left the holiday home at the indicated time, you will be charged for this.

4.3 Expectations. Just like you expect us to offer you a satisfactory stay, we expect that you and your travelling party conduct yourselves as good guests according to the instructions by us and the home owner/caretaker/host. This is, in any case, understood to mean that you and your travelling party

(i) do not cause disturbances and inconvenience; (ii) use bed linen on the beds; (iii) leave the holiday home in a good condition and ensure the trash is removed from the property. 

If this is not the case, we are entitled to charge the (cleaning) costs to you or to terminate the travel agreement. In this case, you are not entitled to compensation.

4.4 Damage. It may of course happen that you or your travelling party cause damage in or around the holiday home. Please, report the damage as soon as possible to the home owner/caretaker/host and to us, so that nobody will be confronted with surprises. In this case, you will be held liable for this damage and you should compensate for it. 

4.5 Help and assistance. Should you need urgent personal help or assistance during your stay, please contact the home owner/caretaker/host for information. The telephone numbers can be found on the Travel Agreement.

4.6 Unavoidable and exceptional circumstances. Suppose that there are circumstances that affect your stay and that you and we cannot change. Such as circumstances whereby a natural disaster has occurred or where the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a (red) travel warning. In this case, you are entitled to terminate the travel agreement and we will reimburse the travel amount, accordingly. Circumstances that could have been insured with a travel or cancellation insurance are not covered by this. We are not liable for any costs resulting from these circumstances.

Furthermore, we are not liable for damage as a result of circumstances of your own doing, or your travelling party or third parties. For instance, in the event of local electricity or water issues, exceptional weather conditions or fire in the holiday home.

4.7 Alternative. In the event that a substantial part of your stay is not/no longer possible, we will seek an equivalent alternative for you. We will try to take into account as much as possible the location, class and facilities of the holiday home and the composition of the travelling party. If the alternative holiday home is of lesser quality, you will receive compensation. If the alternative holiday home is of higher quality, you will be requested to pay a supplementary amount. In both cases, you will also have the option to terminate the travel agreement.

5. Not as expected
5.1 Notification on site. In case your holiday home does not meet your expectations, for a serious reason, please notify the home owner/caretaker/host without delay. If you are unable to reach an agreement together, please, notify us immediately. This will allow us to come up with a suitable solution, provided this solution is achievable and does not involve excessive costs.

5.2 Complaint. If the shortcoming is of such nature that it seriously impacts the remainder of your stay and it is not possible to find a solution or alternative, you have the option to terminate the travel agreement and, if applicable, you will be entitled to receive a deduction of the travel amount or compensation. If we do not offer a suitable solution within a reasonable period of time, you are entitled to file a complaint via our contact form on our website. Please do so within 2 months after your stay, at the absolutely latest - in this case we will handle your complaint within 1 month.

6. To avoid confusion
6.1 No business guest. We specialize in the rental of holiday homes and are therefore not for business travel.

6.2 Holiday. As the holiday home is intended for a holiday, you can rent a holiday home with us for a maximum period of 3 months.

6.3 Adults only. You can make a booking only if you are 21 years or older.

6.4 Youth groups. Some holiday homes are primarily intended for families. Therefore, groups that consist entirely of youths will not be admitted here. The term 'youth' refers to persons up to 25 years old. If this is applicable, we will clearly indicate this on our website and in the travel agreement. Bookings that are in breach of this will be canceled and cancellation costs will be charged.

6.5 Parties, events and gatherings with invited guests. The holiday home is intended for you and your travelling party. It is not permitted to organize parties, events or gatherings with invited guests other than persons from the travelling party. If this is not adhered to, we will terminate the travel agreement and charge relevant costs.

6.6 Additional travel services. In the event that you book an additional travel service with a third party via a link on our website, or other recommendation, this additional travel service does not form part of your travel agreement with ROYAL.

6.7 ROYAL Exclusive Properties and Investments I.K.E is a registered company in Greece, for the travel industry and real estate (Hellenic Business Registry: 154878627000). We have done our utmost to summarize the Traveller Terms as clearly as possible, but in case of any indistinctness, feel free to contact us.

6.8 Law. The laws of Greece shall apply.

Last Update: January 2024

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